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Teaching Objectives

The Belgian Hand Surgery certificate (BHSC) of inter-university training in surgical pathology of the hand and peripheral nerves corresponds with a Continuing Education Program (PVG) with Certificate to train specialist physicians having specific competences in surgery of the hand and peripheral nerves.



The program is jointly organised by the Belgian universities. The teachers are appointed by the respective faculty of the universities.


General Structure of the Program

The BHSC is a 2 year formation, consisting of 4 modules per year, each comprising of 2 days (Friday and Saturday, each 8 hour sessions). These modules are organised alternately at each university with a presence obligation for the students of 80% during the courses. The teachers of every module are appointed by one of the participating universities in the perspective to guard the optimal quality of the training.



The program is accessible to European or extra- European orthopaedic, plastic or general surgeons or residents in their last 3 years of internship. The program is basic level, aimed at residents in orthopaedic, general or plastic surgery. The admission is subject to a selection procedure by the steering committee in accordance with all universities’ internal regulations. Candidates can apply by submitting their cv on . Final acceptance of registration to the course cycle 2024-2026 will be decided by the organisers as soon as possible and no later than the 1st of September 2024. Registration fee for the cycle 2024-2026 is set at 1.000,00- Euro per year.


Student Evaluation – BHSC Certificate

An oral exam before the interuniversity jury is organised after the 2 year formation has been completed. The student can enrol to this exam if a minimum of 80% of the eight modules was attended. Additionally students will make a dissertation (peer reviewed publication or dissertation on hand surgery). They will choose and submit their subject of their dissertation by January 31st 2025. Definite submission of the final dissertation is obliged by May 31st 2026.

The oral exam consists of a minimum of 2 oral examination sessions with minimal 2 different juries. Every jury is multilingual, so the student can choose to undergo the examination in Dutch, French or English. Oral exam needs to be taken within 2 years after the end of the 2 year formation.

The juries evaluate all students’ results after the exam sessions are finished and conclude on pass/fail. If ‘pass’ is decided by the conjoined jury, the “Belgian Hand Surgery Certificate” is granted. If ‘fail’ is decided by the conjoined jury, the “Belgian Hand Surgery Certificate” is not granted and a motivational file is made available on request.  Re-exam will be organised within 3 months after communication of this decision and students are allowed one attempt.


Course evaluation – quality control

Evaluation of topics, sessions and speakers by students after each session is the task of the steering committee. This feedback will be used to discuss and implement modifications to the course.


Beginning of the training

Fourth cycle: 2024-2026

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